Rancho Mirage Library – Rancho Mirage, CA – 04/25/18

Planet Cole Porter
Wednesday, April 25, 2018
7:00pm - All Ages
71–100 Hwy. 111
Rancho Mirage, CA, U.S.A. 92270
Other Info
Peter Sprague
Rebecca Jade
Tripp Sprague
Gunnar Biggs
Duncan Moore

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  1. Peter & gang hope you guys get a chance to do some hiking & view of Joshua Tree Nat’l Park at you are so close! Even some great trails South of Joshua Tree(town) by Blackrock Canyon Campground! https://goo.gl/maps/fzPs3sim3472 great easy view trails! Watch for horses! Also overlook trail view over campground. At least do a hike before at Coachella Valley Preserve – Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve https://goo.gl/maps/FkXmRmHW6N82 Amazing hikes at Center! Many amazing oasis scenes in desert!

    • Hey Daniel, thanks oaths and yeah, we might try to take the next day off and head out to 29 Palms for some extra desert time. Hope you can come to the concert! all best, Peter