Pushing Faders!

Hey Folks, it’s been a recording studio immersion world this week and happiness is pushing faders! All sorts of creative musos showing up at SpragueLand for the good country living and the excellent sounding Neumann microphones.

In the studio with Sacha and the gang. Left to right, PS, Tom Aros, John B. Williams, Sacha, Rayford, and Mikan.

Happiness is also playing music out in the world in realtime. And so, that brings us to the only public gig this week and it all takes place at Ki’s Restaurant on Friday night. It’ll be vocalist Stacy Antonel, Gunnar on bass, and me on guitar. I met Stacy a couple of months ago when she came and recorded at my studio. What a wonderful singer and great vibe and it’ll be fun to have a whole night of music together with hopefully you there too. Look below for the fine print…

Stacy and Peter

That’s it friends and see you soon, Peter