Profanity Hurling at New Gear!

Greetings Friends!

I’ve been happily hovering below the radar for the last month and truly enjoying the adventure. With the world tour of medicine playing out (my hand is still a little purple but the pinky finger is STRAIGHT! Ear is mostly still clear, face MOHS surgery a total success) I decided to do a studio computer upgrade. It’s a balancing act between new gear with specific OS requirements and then factoring in the computer’s OS — a tech update of monsterous proportions and whatever profanities you care to throw at the new gear surely will stick and be fully warranted.

It’s not over yet…but it’ll be a happy music day once completed.

Other than that it’s been about:

  • Working out the last mixing details for the new PS Plays Carole King recording. I’ll let you know.
  • Surfing the wild blue with a new Paul Rypinski surfboard. Loving it!
  • Golden family time featuring high level dinner events complete with dogs in the center court performing fêtes of magic. Not to be missed!

And now coming up in both the live and the livestream format is:

You Won’t See Me — Peter Sprague Plays the Beatles

For this livestream I’ll be leading the group on a magical mystery tour of Beatles classics with my carefully crafted jazzified arrangements. We start with the familiar and then sonically travel to new frontiers of jazz and improvisation. Melt when the piano intro for “Let It Be” kicks in, tap your toe to the funky vibe that is “Norwegian Wood,” and sing along to the chorus of the super psychedelicized “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.” Join us as the Liverpool Four goes polytonal!

The band includes some of the best with:

Peter Sprague — guitar
Allison Adams Tucker —vocals
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
John Opferkuch – piano
Mack Leighton — bass (Justin Grinnell on the livestream)
Duncan Moore — drums

Can’t wait and here are the details for the LIVE performance:

and here are the details for the livestream performance:

This just came along and it’s cool to be nominated for an album that we had a ton of fun creating and still, after a zillion listen throughs, dig the music:

You can vote here:


Did you ever listen to this record?

It was and still is one of my favorites and the mix of Charles Lloyd, coming out of a Coltrane flow, and Keith Jarrett’s searing piano moves is an absolute delight. It’s a classic and coming this Friday to the Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall in Sorrento Mesa is Charles and his group for a special SD performance. I’ve never been to the venue but the word on the street is positive with good acoustics.

Here are the concert details and I’ll see you there if you can make it.


That’s the story for now and thanks for tuning in, best, Peter