Porter Gone Funk!

Greetings Good Folks, pianist Eliane Elias is playing Speak Low over here and Randy Brecker’s flugelhorn lines are killing me. What a sound and flavor! Wish they were here in person but it’s iTunes that’s delivering the goods. What a nice way to start things off here in the offices of SpragueLand. I’ve found if you mix in music with business chores, things go better. So far so good.

I’ve got some good public gigs this week starting off with a Planet Cole Porter hit tomorrow night (Wednesday) in Rancho Bernardo. It’ll be at the Library there and it’s a free concert. It usually gets packed so come early and relax into the world of Cole Porter gone samba, gone funk, gone jazz, gone impeccable wordsmith intersecting with fantastic Rebecca singing and the band navigating through some unique arrangements. It’ll be a hoot!

Taking Planet Cole Porter to Temecula a few weeks back with PS, Tripp, Duncan, Rebecca, and Gunnar.
photo by James Kaspar

I’m zeroing in on Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar on Thursday afternoon for a trip through my solo guitar music. I love it —zen out, tune up, defrag, defrost, travel to new sonic vistas all the while the normal folks go about their day. Cool, creative blendo and fall by if it works for you. 

Zen out, tune up, defrag!
photo by Kevin Kinnear

We’re playing trio music at the Handlery on Friday early eve and it’ll be Justin on bass and Duncan on drums. What a great cozy listening space this gig is. The music really happens because it’s presented in an impeccable way. We’ve got a neat program planned and playing jazz sure is a good way to live a life!

Trio time at the Handlery!
photo by Michael Oleta

Last up, peeking around the week, on Monday afternoon Beth and I will play a set at the Lyceum Theatre downtown. Look below for the details. I think it’s free and hope to see you there!

Beth Ross Buckley and Peter Sprague

that’s the story and thanks for tuning in, best, Peter