Periph Mayhem Moments Served Up Coyote Style

Good People, a few years back, when we were playing summer shows on the outside patio at The Coyote Bar and Grill, up in Carlsbad, did you ever attend? Wicked circus with all sorts of peripheral mayhem moments in play! It’s great that no one ever got hurt although on one occasion a gifted and inebriated fellow plowed into my guitar and bent the fancy German engineered guitar tuning pegs. Also on another Sunday, we were in the middle of an extended jam and I looked over and saw a tow truck hoisting my van to tow away. Wow, the place was CHARGED! The music too seemed to take off and in the late August afternoon heat things just got amplified. I miss the scene!

Out of all of those sketchy events a song emerged and I’m thrilled that we’re playing it again this week. “Weird Science, Modern Times” documents our travails at the Coyote.

When you beat a path toward the screaming sax and where a crowded life’ll fall away
Kundalini rise under summer skies when the guitar-a-nandas come to play
and then when it sparks your mind loosens up your spine 
weird, weird science modern times
Peter skidding in with his guitar and amp 
hook it up 
get in gear the sonic palate’s tuning up 
bring your good ears of jazz 
dress down, drink up 
transcendental hang zone 
freedom in sound you know 
slo mo

“Weird Science, Modern Times”
recorded on Calling Me Home
by Peter Sprague and Randy Phillips

So this week on Saturday we’re taking the tune out for a spin at the Summer Fun on 101 music festival in downtown Leucadia. There’s music happening all day and our slot is at 3pm. It’ll be me, Leonard, Tripp, Gunnar, and Duncan throwing down the beats and hanging with the beautiful people of Encinitas. Come and join in and we’ll go surfing afterwards!

Next up, Leonard and I play a duo hit at Ki’s on Friday night. It’s always a great scene with excellent food and a killer view out to the pacific. Hope to see you there!

On early Sunday eve at 5pm we’re assembling the band to play a free outdoor concert in downtown Rancho Santa Fe. Rebecca Jade and Leonard will be on vocals, Danny Green on keyboards, Justin Grinnell on bass along with Duncan on drums and me on guitar. We’ve got a great set planned with all of our favorite music in play. Can’t wait and hope to see you there!

Here’s a pic from the same event a couple of years back!

That’s the story folks, weird science modern times….best, Peter