Hey There!

At this moment Ralph Alessi is weaving some rad, gentle melodic lines with Ravi Coltrane on Ralph’s tune Oxide. Oh my, what a sound! 

Both Ralph and Ravi were students of mine back in the ’90’s when I was teaching at Cal Arts. The label of “students” for them is really absurd in that even back then they were tearing it up. Ralph plays trumpet and at Cal Arts he was doing graduate work playing electric bass. Ravi is John Coltrane’s son and he took the possibly frightening path of playing tenor sax right behind his dad. He’s pulled it off brilliantly with great playing and a beautiful human spirit. 

The music is from Ralph’s Imaginary Friends recording and Oxide is a magic trance dance through mysto frontiers. I dig it!

Last week we flew to Planet Cole Porter and had a great time weaving trad with mod. The band was loose and precise!

PCP at Pt. Loma Nazarene University
photo by John Dally

That’s Rebecca on the left and me on the right and leading up to the Pt. Loma Nazarene concert the two of us held a master class for the music students. Good kids for sure living the dream right at ocean’s edge.
photo by John Dally

Up for this week, on midday Wednesday we’re playing a free concert at the Encinitas Library. It’ll be Beth Ross Buckley playing flute along with Gunnar on bass and me on guitar. Trio time with a few new tunes in the mix. Hope to see you there!

Beth Ross Buckley and PS.

I’m lucky to get to hang out at the Torrey Pines park on Saturday afternoon and serenade the trees with some guitar music. What a spot! I used to live closer to the park and did long distant runs through it —zipping along the trails, up high looking down to the glimmering pacific. Last year I played an event at the hidden rangers house up there and they’ve asked me back. This year’s event is open to the public! Look below for the details and it’d be great to have you there. 

Have double neck, will travel.
photo by Lou Roubitchek

All right, over ’n out, gotta run, best, Peter