Off the Page, Off the Script, Off the Planet!

Dear Solid Folk of the Hinterland!

The soundtrack of the Titanic movie frames this moment somehow. (The music box is on shuffle mode). Celtic flutes and some low end mysto rumbles bring back the tragic arc that was Kate and Leo’s ride on earth. 

Oh well, now let’s talk about bebop! 

Hey, last week I played a concert at the Blue Whale up in L.A. with guitarist Larry Koonse. Just the two of us and it was a mind blower. This fellow is one of the best six stringers that ever lived. Swinging, inventive, crazy good time feel, leaves space, funny fellow —all the right ingredients for magic. 

We’re doing it once again this Saturday night at Dizzy’s. It’ll be just the two of us and we’re playing some of our original tunes, a few standards, and a few free moments of going off the page, off the script, and off the planet.

Hope you can join in and look below for the details…

Larry Koonse and Peter Sprague

Also, I’ll be playing a little solo guitar gig on Friday afternoon at the Flower Hill Promenade at the midday mark. Wicked fun paid practice!

This is how I’m making my way down south to Flower Hill.
photo by Billy Stern

There it is friends and I’m heading back to fretboard, best, Peter