Northern Spirits – San Marcos, CA – 09/26/15

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  1. Allean Stewart says:

    Peter, a fan of yours has a birthday 9/26 so we are going to try to get to San Marcos. Perry Murphy has been a long time fan of yours so maybe you and Leonard could recognize him and sing a song for him or something. It would probably make his day and his year. His doggie has cancer so he has been pretty down. Hopefully this will cheer him up. Thanks and looking forward to that special night. Allean Stewart PS he always got our tickets so I am not sure how to do that. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Allean, thanks for your note and great about coming to the 9/26 event. It’ll be fun! And yes, Perry is such a good fellow. We’ll sing happy birthday for sure, just remind us. Not sure about advance tickets and I don’t think they actually do that. See you soon, Peter