Night Eyes!

Hey Friends, life is good over here at studio central and in between pushing buttons and directing traffic I managed to pen a few sonic ditties. It turns out we’ve got a hit scheduled for tomorrow (with Mack and Duncan) and the idea of guitar trio sparked a little creative surge. “Night Eyes” has a roving bass line and some straight ahead blowing, “New E Minor Tune” moves slow and pretty and is searching for a name, and “No Guarantees” is a new ballad that I co-wrote with vocalist Nina Francis and for this week’s version I’ve changed the key and made a few mods. Can’t wait to hear them live!

Here’s the info and it’s a free show and we’d love to see you there!

all the best, Peter

I'm on the ground with the cables trying to make sense of the plastic spaghetti. photo by Thomas Westerlin

Plugging it in!
photo by Thomas Westerlin