Mellow As the Month of May

Dear Good People, 

It’s a little bit more like the un-mellow month of May over here at SpragueLand. Actually it’s not that it’s un-mellow, it’s just been quasi-hectic pulling together all of the details for this week’s upcoming Carole King concerts. I’ve spent many hours first making musical decisions on what each musician should do and then a zillion hours creating the sheet music. Oh how I wish that some tech wizard up at Silicon Valley would create a plug-in that would go right into your brain and output sheet music just by thinking of what you want to do. Maybe that’s a project for our very own Digital Brian to take on.

This week we have both a livestream concert and an actual in person live concert scheduled celebrating the music of Carole King.

Did you have the Tapestry album when you were a kid growing up? It seems that almost everyone did and for a very good reason, it’s magical music! Carole’s music comes out of the folk/pop style but she does love her suspended chords and that proves to be a gateway to jazzify her music. At least that’s the way I see it and that’s just what I’ve done — create new arrangements that invite improvisation into the mix. I don’t think I’ve “jazz damaged” the songs but you, our dear listener can be the judge.

Our setlist includes:

I Feel the Earth Move 
So Far Away
Natural Woman
It’s Too Late
Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
Bitter with the Sweet 
Where You Lead I Will Follow
You’ve Got a Friend

and the band is stellar with:

Pamela Pendrell — vocals
Beth Ross Buckley — flute
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
Danny Green — piano
Justin Grinnell — bass (on livestream)
Mack Leighton — bass (on Conrad concert)
Duncan Moore – drums
and me on guitar

First it’s the Live(ish) From SpragueLand livestream concert:

YouTube link

For this show we’re giving away both Carole’s autobiography “A Natural Woman” plus an autographed photo of Carole.

Next it’s our live show at the beautiful Conrad Theatre in La Jolla:

ticket link

Check out this short video presentation about Carole and the live concert:

Thanks folks for tuning in and we hope to see you at one or both of the events.

yours in mellow-ness, Peter