Meet Strangers that are Friendly and Musos that are Strange!

Friends, my words come to you from frosty fingers typing away at SpragueLand. All I want for Christmas is natural GAS! Hah! It turns out last week we discovered (because of a continually elevating utility bill) a pesky mini gas leak under the house and the ever responsible SDG&E shut down our access to heat, cooking on the stove, and most alarming — warm showers. It’s the right thing that they did and we’re working with a cool plumber to get it up and running again. But for the meantime, I’m returning from cold ocean surf sessions only to soak in the perhaps even colder outdoor shower. Brrrr! Stef is taking in the generosity of our neighbors for some warm H20 until things get figured out.

Christmas time in Cali is for once (at least at SpragueLand), cold like it’s supposed to be!


For live music coming up, on December 24 at 1pm we present our annual (FREE!) Christmas Eve concert featuring an entourage of spirited and gifted musicians. We’ve been doing this event for 40 years now (can you believe it!) and it’s a mix of great music, super cool friends, family, and new acquaintances. Together we rally in the lofty life of a California Christmas with no snow but tons of good vibes. 

Here’s the lineup for the concert:

Peter Sprague
Leonard Patton
Rebecca Jade
Allison Adams Tucker
Fred Benedetti
Duncan Moore
Gunnar Biggs
Danny Green
Lizzi Trumbore
Nina Francis
Tripp Sprague
Johnny Minchin
Kate Sprague
The Benedetti’s

Band rehearsal yesterday with (left to right) Danny Green, Tripp, Kate, Fred, Duncan, Gunnar, and Peter

You can bring the whole gang, bring the relatives, meet strangers that are friendly and meet musicians that are strange. This is how we roll with Christmas in Cali! 

NOTE: The concert location at this point has been moved from Del Mar to the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas because there is a 70% chance of rain at 1pm on December 24. Look below for the location details.

This event has made it to the news and radio!

We all hope you can join us at the concert. Remember it’s free admission (our gift to our wonderful community) and it’ll be a guaranteed great time.

Just in case, check here for any last minute location changes in the event that the weather miraculously turns sunny and warm. I’ll keep it up to date.

all the very best, Peter