Marathon Search for the Right Notes!

Hey Friends, I’m just now surfacing after an eight day marathon search for the right notes. They’re an illusive entourage and don’t easily make themself known. I think I nabbed some of them though.

We’ve got two concerts coming up in a couple of weeks playing a jazz angle on Carole King and my mission was to simply figure out what to play —what to play for vocals, flute, sax, piano, guitar, bass, and drums and how to direct traffic for the group. Carole’s music isn’t inherently “jazz” but she does like her sus chords and that’s a lean towards jazz. Plus that’s the fun of it, bend the genre ever so slightly so that taking a sax solo makes sense. Hey, she has a tune called “Jazzman” that seems to be written for Tripp!

I’ll be in touch downwind about the details of the concerts and you can look below for the event listings.

Up for this week it’ll be Justin, Tripp, and I crooning at Ki’s in Cardiff. Say that three times, fast and you’ll start levitating — Crooning at Ki’s in Cardiff,Crooning at Ki’s in Cardiff, Crooning at Ki’s in Cardiff…

Details below and we’ll be in touch, best, Peter