Living My Bucket List in Real Time!

Greetings Good People, despite a few disappointments including this laughable royalty check:PSRoyaltyCheck3I’m actuallyLivingBucketListLoads of positive things shifting around!

We had a great time making music in Idyllwild with the string group. The setup included mega weather heat mixing in with up tempo music heat culminating in a blistering reading of “The Expanse.” Onwards and upwards! On fire and I just dig this band to no end. Can’t wait to do it again…

Operating at 99 degrees in Idyllwild! Peter Sprague String Consort.

Operating at 99 degrees in Idyllwild! Peter Sprague String Consort.

Next, the press starts lighting up with activity. There’s news of the new CD,


and an in-depth scribe on us zeroing in on Coronado for a concert. (This one got rained out but the reschedule is throwing down on August 25th).


From there the San Diego Music Awards launched out the news to the internet and press that including many other talented musos, Leonard and my new recording Dream Walkin’ is nominated for Best Jazz Album. Happiness!


And taking it over the top, I sort of don’t feel quite old enough for this, they (the SD Music Awards) bestowed onto me the Lifetime Achievement Award. Heavens, it’s a true honor and I get to play a few tunes at the event and also attempt an acceptance speech. That’ll be a mouthful.


Hey, thanks to all for the kind words of encouragement flowing in through email and Facebook! It means a lot to me and I’m further inspired to keep coming up with more inventions. I ain’t done quite yet!

And then more good news arrives via YouTube with this young French gal scat singing along with Coltrane’s solo on “Giant Steps.” Check it out:


Bucketlisting into this week’s gig scene, first up is a cool concert for the Six String Society on Saturday night at the Carlsbad Village Theatre. The line up is Gregory Page, Peter Sprague, Thomas Leeb, David Maldonado and Monette Marino on percussion. There will be a couple of special guests making an appearance for some added magic. It’s not sold out yet but leaning that way. Get tickets at


Sunday night Leonard and I will be at Northern Spirits in San Marcos for a night of jazz and samba. It’s a good scene there…

We’re heading to Pt. Loma for a Monday early evening free concert at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. It’s outside, it’s beautiful, and it’ll be Leonard, Tripp, and I playing music from Dream Walkin’.

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

Wrapping around into next week, on Tuesday early evening we’re privileged to present our Jazz Explorations on Rock Classics program that a few weeks back got cancelled due to some rare hurricane rain. The band is stellar, (Leonard Patton and Rebecca Jade on vocals, Tripp Sprague on sax and flute, Danny Green on keyboards, Justin Grinnell on bass, and Duncan Moore on drums), the location (Coronado Cays Park) is pure magic, the music (sonic gems by Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Cream, Bob Marley, and Jimi Hendrix) are some of my favorite songs, and the price (FREE!) is just right. Hope you can come out and join us…

CaysConcertCAlUpdateThere it is folks, good stories from SpragueLand. See you soon out in the realtime, Peter

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  1. Fred Gann says:

    Hi Mr. Spraugue

    Wish you played sometime in Switzerland or Germany.