Lining Up With Holiday Vacations!

Hey Everyone, it’s a song mill over here, churning out arrangements left and right. We’ve got a concert next week called Bossa Nova and it’s my job to put a little music magic into some already magical tunes. It’s Jobim and Chick Corea and I’ve even unearthed a tune of mine that we haven’t played in years — “Boomerang”. Coral sings it in Spanish and watch out for the coda on this ditty — modulations and reharmonizations in search of revelations and salutations lining up with holiday vacations coinciding with everyday relations leading to melodic mutations culminating with….piles of sheet music that we’ve got to learn. Time to start the shed mill!


Up for tonight, as soon as this gig mail flies out, Leonard and I are playing a duo hit at Cal State San Marcos, starting at 7pm. Look below for details and sorry for the last minute info.

Leonard and Peter last week at Palomar College. photo by Rachael Kolb

On Thursday night I’m stoked to get to play with my brother Tripp, Gunnar, and Duncan at Croce’s. So many of my gigs these days are playing solo or duo and it’s a wonderful contrast to get the original tribe back together and throw down some jazz pocket. The scene at Croce’s has good sound and it’s a great spot for listening. Maybe see you there!

Quartet music with Tripp, Peter, Gunnar, and Duncan

Quartet music with Tripp, Peter, Gunnar, and Duncan

Last up for the week, on Friday I’ll be at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley taking part of an ongoing jazz guitar series that they’re sponsoring. I’ll be with Harley Magsino on bass and Tim McMahon on drums. It’s an early 5:30pm hit and sounds like fun…


That’s it for now folks and see you out there in realtime, Peter