Good Folks, we’re talking jumblemania today. Up early, practicing Billy Childs’ music, trying to bring back the fingerings and tricky stuff from our show many months back. I’m heading up to LA tomorrow to rehearse with him for some upcoming shows in February and I’ve learned that you’ve got to be prepared for his beautifully complicated music or else succumb to a sonic crash and burn.

So, after the Childs immersion I treated myself a two hour surf session and friends, it’s been an amazing run of waves this past week. Today was right in there too—blue, sunny, 4 feet and clean as a whistle. Pure heaven and a highpoint of the day!

Back home, an errand run to O’side. Then I walked the amazing Rocky the chihuahua. Next a slew of emails and text’s plugging back into the endless grid of the music business. Then a second errand run, this time with my daughter Kylie in the loop, to Home Depot hunting for nuts, bolts, and paint. From there an evening bank heist (Wells Fargo bank deposit actually) and a cool dad/daughter early Thai food dinner hang. We talked about her upcoming study abroad to Chile. Talk about branching out, wow! College classes in Spanish, living with a Chilean family, in a country many miles from Encinitas. This kid’s going global and Stef and I are both stoked and worried in equal amounts.

And now I’m back here at the office spinning the alphabet in circles filling you, my favorite fans, in to the upcoming music according to Peter. It looks like a good week ahead!

Rocky doesn't care that his blanket is pink. He's just warming up after the walk outside.

Rocky doesn’t care that his blanket is pink. He’s just warming up after the walk outside.

Thursday night it’ll be solo guitar music at The Roxy in Encinitas. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and it’s always fun easing back into the north county flow. See you there if you can fit it in!

With the famous Roxy fish tank as a backdrop, this is where it all goes down.

With the famous Roxy fish tank as a backdrop, this is where it all goes down.

For Friday night Leonard and Tripp are joining me for a night of music at Ki’s in Cardiff. This trio cooks it up with a cool set of songs, double cajon drums sometimes, Tripp on sax and also the chromatic harmonica, Leonard singing like Miles, and me and my fancy floor machines squeaking out jazz and other sonic diversions. Big time fun and if you can, ignite the weekend with some great food, cool people, and some spirited music. See ya’ there!

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

It’s been a long good day and it’s time to think about getting horizontal. Gotta get to sleep to kick it all in again. Thanks for riding along…all best, Peter