Jim Hall’s Love of the Thirteen Flat Nine!


Good People!

Jim Hall is strumming some wild Spanish guitar on a long overlooked (at least in my CD collection) version of “Concerto de Aranjuez”. Thirteen flat nine chords abound and frolic in some sort of twisted progression. I like it and this tracks fills up the air as I tune back in with you, my favorite internet peeps. Play on Sir James, play on good man!

I had a fun last couple of weeks with a little travel and music. Here are some images:

Love fest at Dizzy’s with Jim Plank, Tripp, Bob Magnusson, Duncan, and me.
photo by Barbara Wise

House concert in the outback of Carlsbad with Bridget, Lars, me, and Barnaby Finch. Barnaby was in the audience and we invited him up to play the last tune. He’s amazing and was a great sport, making the most of an ultra out of tune piano. Mister Toads wild ride in tonality!

We drove to Yuma and had a great show! That’s us on the right.

Yuma and after the sun went down it started to get cold. Bundled up with Leonard on the left and me on the right.

For this week Tripp and me along with bassist Justin Grinnell are playing the Friday night Ki’s gig. Super fun and I’m arranging a couple of new tunes for us to swim into. This makes me think about these old photos of Tripp and me in younger days doing our thing. I came across these in a box stored in my surf shed. They were shot by our Dad and he had a way with black and white film.

This is Tripp when we lived in Del Mar on Luneta Drive back in the 70’s. Can you see that he’s holding our cat Sam. He later named his son Sam.
photo by Hall Sprague

Me looking over a chart of handwritten music. Now I use my computer to write the songs out. This is from the 90’s when I lived off of Carmel Valley Road in Del Mar.

rock and roll folks and hope to see you at Ki’s, best, Peter

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    thank you for the comment

  2. Phil Hood says:

    Thanks for turning me on to this JH recording.