JC’s Palindrome-ian Discourse!

Happy Cloudy Coast Day!

The grayness of May is upon us but I’m still digging the flow over here in Leucadia.

Yesterday the posse came over and we worked out the fine details of Coltrane-mania. It all began with a run through of “Wise One” and it was a unanimous opinion from the boys—what a song, what a feeling, what magic! It’s one of John Coltrane’s masterpieces and it starts out slow and true and speaks spiritual truths through sound. We can’t wait to play it again.

Next, some bebop blues with Coltrane’s sax exchanges intertwining with the drums played in unison. From there we travel to and acknowledge John’s collaboration with Duke Ellington—“In A Sentimental Mood.” Duncan funks up the next one with a semi-humorous approach to Coltrane’s palindrome-ian “Miles’ Mode.”

I guess I don’t need to list everything we’re playing but it’s a good time in music to be hanging out with JC. We’re rehearsed up and ready to connect with that great algorithm of the sky. Please join us for the livestream on Wednesday and/or the live gig on Sunday.

It’s one small step for jazz, one Giant Step for jazz-kind.

Here’s the YouTube link for the livestream:

YouTube Link


and here’s the info for the live Sunday concert:

The PS Plays Carole King vids keep their slow flow of entering into the big bad world of the music business and today we bring you one of Carole’s towering sonic achievements —“You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman.” I’ve loved this song from the first time I heard it back in Hawaii during the summer of ’71 and what joy to play it now as an certified oldster.

There’s a unique origin of the way the song came to be.

Atlantic Records co-owner and producer Jerry Wexler was a student of African-American musical culture and had been mulling over the concept of the “natural man,” when he drove by Carole King on the streets of New York. He shouted out to her that he wanted a “natural woman” song for Aretha Franklin’s next album. Goffin and King went home and wrote the song that night and the rest is mega hits history.

I’m hoping something like that happens to me on the streets of downtown Encinitas. Hah!

Here you go with Pam singing up a storm, Beth carving some wicked lines during her solo, and some added harmonic glory on one of the great songs of the world…

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And if you want to play this arrangement go here for the sheet music.

thanks for reading folks and see you soon, best, Peter