Jazz Beatles Guitar House Concert!

Good Friends, it’s a good time over here on the coast and for this week we’re drumming up a special house concert playing Beatles tunes! It’ll be maestro Fred Benedetti on guitar and ukulele and me on the twin neck guitar. I don’t think you could find more devoted Beatle fans anywhere than us two. The concert takes place on Friday, April 21.

We love the Beatles and what we do is take our favorite songs and then explore how we can put our jazz influence on them with new fancy chords and improvisation. We’re including the Liverpudlian beautiful ballads, some rockers, some samba, and even the Indian raga flavored “Within Without You”. Ravi Shankar you are loved!

The concert will be at Tokeli’s house in Vista. The plan is to meet at 7pm for cocktails and appetizers (included) and then the music starts at 7:30pm. House concerts are amazing with great sound (everyone is really listening) and you’re right up close. Super friendly setup and setup and chances are high for the music to really take off!

The best way to join in if you’re interested is to buy tickets here: TICKETS

I’ll email you the address the day before and we’ll have your name and info when you arrive. 

We sure hope you can join us and until then, Fred and I are tuning up our guitars and prepping for the magic!

all the best, Peter