It’s Metheny Month!

Greetings Friends of Sound! 

I’ve just returned from a slightly cold surf session that was supposed to be warm because it summer. It’s summer everywhere except on the coast, hah!

As I write I’m listening to Rebecca Jade sing Pat Metheny’s incredible song “Are You Going With Me” to set the vibe for this week’s gig email. Check it out if you haven’t yet heard it:

The big news for this week is that we are releasing a recording project that has been in the works for many years. Way back when we started experimenting with adding lyrics to Pat Metheny’s instrumental compositions. Randy Phillips created the lyrics and at first Leonard was singing the songs and then we started integrating Rebecca Jade into the mix. What a cool sound —classic melodies now vocalized by fantastic singers. Pat himself along with his wife Latifa tuned into our livestream shows and dug where we were going with his music.

So, if this sounds cool and you want to experience the lyricized Metheny firsthand, venture here:


The recordings are also available on Spotify and AppleMusic.

In celebration of “Metheny Month” we are releasing two new vids filmed at the recording sessions. 


And as if some big time manager was behind the timing of all of this Metheny activity, we bring you a live concert next week to add into the momentum:

Here’s a recent story from the San Diego Troubadour about Peter and the group playing Metheny’s music:

That’s the hurricane so far and coming up at the end of the month is a Beatles Immersion Episode #658 ref. 2d. More on this later…

hanging ten, Peter