Invasion of the New Life!


Hi Friends!

Hoping that the onslaught of the new improved life is invading you in a pleasant manor. For us, we’re rehearsing all day in preparation of this week’s live concerts. When it rains, it pours! 

First up, we’re playing two concerts at the new Del Mar Civic Center on Thursday and Friday. The Thursday version is sold out but there’s still space open on the Friday night edition. It’ll be our gang of merry pranksters including Rebecca Jade on vocals, brother Tripp on sax, Danny Green on piano, Justin Grinnell on the low end combinator (acoustic bass), Duncan on the trap set, and me, myself, and I strumming along on El Double Neck. The Del Mar Civic Center is a wonderful sounding and rad attractive venue for music and we’re thrilled to revisit the space. (We played at the opening ceremony a few years.)

Look below for the fine print…

On Saturday night we’re honored to be part of the Headstock Guitar Lovers Festival held at Liberty Station. It’s a festival of all things guitar with booths, guitar builders demonstrations, and live concerts. For our concert we’ve added Taylor Guitar guru Andy Powers into the mix and man, what a player and stylist! We’ve got some unique tunes worked up including some Wes Montgomery and Joe Zawinul classics.

Peter Sprague — guitar
Andy Powers — guitar
Danny Green — piano
Justin Grinnell — bass
Duncan Moore — drums

Hope you can make it and the details are listed below.

That’s it and see you in the real world, best, Peter