In The Times Of Sky H2O

H ey Folks!

We played a rain drenched concert last night in Fallbrook and the folks in attendance were happy to be dry and warm and surrounded by flamenco rasqueados and jazz bop lines. Keeping the music alive in the times of sky H2O…

Tomorrow evening (1/23) we’re taking the sonic circus to the Carmel Valley Library, rain or shine. It’ll be Mack, Danny, and I stirring it up. I hope you can join in the fun and the details are below…

Jimi Hendrix — the hero, the true guitar slinger, super psychedelized visionary of wicked lyrics.

Back a few years, in the flow of doing weekly livestream concerts, we invited vocalist Lisa Hightower to join us for a night of music. The set list went all over the place from George Gershwin, The Beatles, and finally landing in the land of Hendrix. One of the highlights from that night was our exploration of Jimi’s classic rocker “The Wind Cries Mary.” Lisa was on fire, playing out the “who really actually knows where these lyrics are going” in animated realtime. It turns out she knows and she pulls us right into Jimi’s world of paisley laden day glow imagery.

This is one of the great moments captured live from SpragueLand! 

The band: 
Peter Sprague — guitar
Lisa Hightower — vocals
Tripp Sprague — saxophone 
Gunnar Biggs — bass
Duncan Moore — drums

Good on ‘ya folks of sound and until the next time, keep the sky in your head…best, Peter