Immune System Up to 11!

Dear Good People, a few things:

The world is green right now in SoCal and there’s more rain coming! My back yard looks like we’re living in Ireland.

Award season everywhere is upon us, even for us local musos here in SD. A normal lay person can’t vote for the Grammy’s or the Oscar’s but here in SD you can vote once per day for a good long while. That’s kind of a weird way to do it, not sure why they operate this way. This is for the San Diego Music Awards. So if this is your thing, here’s the link. Happily myself and a bunch of my friends are nominated. Shovel your digital support to one of your favorites and make our/their day!

Surf’s up and the water is cold! The magic of freezing out in morning surf, then thawing in a warm shower setups a “survivor glow” for the rest of the day. Immune system turned way up to 11!

Tomorrow night I’m stoked to play another library concert. This time it’ll be at the Balboa Library in San Diego. These shows are great fun with good acoustics, an attentive and listening audience, and zero admission cost. It’ll be Beth on flute and me on guitar and we’ve got good tunes planned. See you there!

Beth Ross Buckley and Peter Sprague

And rounding out the live music part of my week, on Friday night I’ll be at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley, joining trombonist Matt Hall and Bob Magnusson on bass. Matt’s a fantastic player and of course you all know Bob and his bass—one of the best that there ever was! Super fun and it’s an early hit plus parking too! All of this adding up to a good moment in music!

there it is friends, hang ten on ‘ya, Peter