I’m a Fan, I Need a Fan!

Hi Everyone! It’s with a good set of circumstances that I converse with you today. First up, Coltrane and McCoy Tyner are supplying the sonic backdrop and I’ve listened to them so much in my life and it’s still not enough. Swinging, modern (I’m listening specifically to Afro Blue Impressions and it was recorded in 1963, how is that modern? But it is.), melodic, soulful, driving, pensive. Well, I’m a fan.


Next, our daughter Kylie arrives at the SD airport today after a six month study abroad in Chile. We’ve missed her and now she’s home for the summer!

Kylie on the left with her friend Lizzy in Valpariso, Chile.

Kylie on the left with her friend Lizzy in Valpariso, Chile.

Lots of other good news brewing too and I realize the best way is to spell it out methodically in the forthcoming blips.

Good News Item #658: the sun is out and SoCal coastal summer has finally started. The ocean is 70 degrees and I’m a fan. It’s hot out, I need a fan…

We had a killer gig at the Handlery Hotel last week. The set up is supreme with good sound, full on listeners, great turnout, parking for all, and the freedom to play jazz music. I’m in! And somehow they make this all work with no cover charge and it seems everyone is extra happy with this. Thanks to Holly Hofmann and the Handlery folks for setting the stage for music to be the main thing and soar. Can’t wait to do it again…

The Handlery! Duncan on the left, Mack on bass and me leaning back on the guitar.  photo by Michael Oleta

The Handlery! Duncan on the left, Mack on bass and me leaning back on the guitar.
photo by Michael Oleta

Good News Item #659: the Dream Walkin’ CD is out! I’ve been leading you on for the last couple months and now it’s real and I think it’s a good one.

Here’s a little backstory.

Back in 1991 I played a concert at Mesa College and this young singer introduced himself and expressed his interest in doing some recording over at my studio. He wanted me to both play the guitar and engineer. I dug his spirit and enthusiasm and when I heard him sing I was knocked out. That began a long and inspired musical arc with Leonard Patton. For the last 5 years we’ve been playing frequently just as a duo and not only is it economically streamlined, it’s also one of the slickest musical collaborations I’ve ever been involved with. Lots of improvising, a full broadband song repertoire, freedom at any moment to travel somewhere new, Leonard singing and playing cajon at the same time, me with my nylon guitar outfitted with a looper and a synth, and together we’re exploring jazz, samba, and swing — we’re including everything we can dream up. We’re Dream Walkin’ in a psychedelic audio wonderland and it just keeps on expanding outwards. Ears open!

Here’s the CD and if you click it you’ll be transported to my webstore to both listen and perhaps go even further and buy the bad boy.


GNI #660: The Mashup Vid has emerged! Leonard and I took a break from hanging on the SpragueLand porch reading Surfer Magazine and delving further into the magic of electricity and how it interacts with the common leaf blower (you’ll have to see the video to take in the relevance of this) to play a live set of ALL of the tunes from the new Dream Walkin’ CD, mashup style. It’s a handful and it took a fair amount of cranial bandwidth to pull off but I think it’s worth the ride. Check ‘er out:


Next we’re moving to LIVE music for this week and first up, the 3rd July installment of PS Plays Solo at the Roxy goes down on Thursday night. It’s been fantastic and each week I add a few new tunes and travel to a few new sonic vistas for yours and my enjoyment. Add in some great food and solid folks and it boils into a special mix. See you there!


On Saturday late in the day we’re playing a free outdoor concert at the Coronado Cays Park. The theme is Jazz Explorations of Rock Classics and the setlist is a dream collection of Beatles, Hendrix, Blood Sweat and Tears, Stevie Wonder, Cream, and Bob Marley. The band is stellar too featuring vocals by Leonard Patton and Rebecca Jade, brother Tripp playing sax, Danny Green on piano, Justin Grinnell on bass, Duncan Moore on drums and me on guitar. Come on out and hear these tunes that you know transform into a fully related but cool alternate universe. I having fun with it! Look below for the details.


And after the busy week I’ll ease into the air-conditioned concert hall over at Mission Trails Regional Park on Sunday afternoon for a solo guitar concert. The location is first rate and after the concert you could even head out into the warm evening sky and take in a Mission Trails walk. I’ve played the series before and it’s a really special setting. See you there!


There it is for this week friends and thanks for the attentive read. All the very best, Peter

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  1. Gary says:

    Hi Peter,
    Ordered the new cd. Love the song selection and sample tracks. Aloha