Hologram Jazz!

Friends, we were just in Palm Springs sharing the sound of warped Cole Porter with the locals when we came upon a metal sculpture in downtown Palm Springs. You could see right through it, then from a different angle it took shape and it turns out to be a gal seated, looking off and keeping an eye on the patrons of a nearby Starbucks. It looks invisible and then it’s there, morphing into something else. Hologram jazz metal slices first sounding like Cole Porter and then ending up with a rock guitar explosion. I’m in!

You can see right through it.

Now you see it!

Heading out to Portland but back just in time to play some solo guitar on Sunday afternoon at the Mission Trails Visitors Center. It’s free and it’s fun!

Looking down the neck.
photo by Stef Sprague

And bending around the week into next, on Monday afternoon it’s a free concert at the La Jolla Athenaeum with Rebecca Jade and me scooting through some tunes. Should be fantastic!

Rebecca Jade and Peter.

all the very best, Peter