Hola 2024 —The Kiss!

G ood day on ‘ya folks and coming to you from SpragueLand— where both the sound waves and ocean waves are UP!

What a surf spell and it’s still continuing on. Loving it!

And then the music — first we played two concerts at The Conrad in La Jolla:

The sound at this place is amazing and it’s easy on the eyes too. What colors! photo by Dana Greene

The usual suspects lining up at the end of the show. Note the noble attempt to getting dressed up. photo by Dana Greene

and then we took the show on the road up to Del Mar and shared the stage with the world’s largest Christmas tree:

Tripp and the little harmonica with the big Christmas tree. photo by Lucy

I think we’re ready for the next phase and this starts out with a live concert with Allison Adams Tucker celebrating her new CD release Retro Trilogy. It’s all happening on Sunday in Shelter Island at Humphrey’s Backstage Live. She’s been working on this music for a bit of time and it highlights 3 different decades of pop/rock and folk music jazzified by an incredible band of New York studio heroes. I got to play on some of the tunes too and it’s some beautiful music. For the Humphrey’s show it’ll be Allison, Peter Sprague, Danny Green on keys, Justin Grinnell on bass, Matt DiBiase on vibraphones, and jazz ukulele artist and drummer Abe Lagrimas Jr. from Hawaii.

Go here for ticket info.

And I’m thinking it’d be nice to hear some gorgeous Allison singing so today a new vid emerges from YouTube of me and the gang supporting Alli on Judee Sill’s “The Kiss.” This is one of my favorite compositions EVER with Bach influences and beautiful lyric imagery.

For more info on Judee Sill’s life story (which is amazing and tragic too) follow this link.

thanks friends and here’s to you, Peter