Happening Now at the Mermaid Cafe

H ello Fine Folks!

We had a neat night of music at Ki’s last weekend complete with magic food, gifted humans, and spirited musos. Just the right mix…

Entering now into the YouTube universe is our vid single of Joni Mitchell’s song “Carey.” It’s as if we’re all hanging out at the Mermaid Cafe on the island of Crete, Greece, it’s summertime and the band is playing calypso infused jazz. Joni’s singing octave leaps and telling her story about her old man Carey playin’ that scratchy rock and roll beneath the Matala Moon. 

We met Joni once out at the 29 Palms Inn and in my mind she’s full on royalty. We’re thrilled to ride her sonic creations.

This performance first appeared on our “Shadows and Light” Episode 15 livestream from SpragueLand and here is the link for the whole show: YT LINK

Here is the band:
Peter Sprague — guitar
Pam Pendrell — vocals
Tripp Sprague — flute
Mack Leighton — bass
Duncan Moore — drums

For this week we have a private concert but looking around the bend into next week we’re playing two nights of the Charlie Brown / Vince Guaraldi music. It’s going to be great, tickets are selling fast, and the promo machinery is in full swing. Check out this clever promo vid:

We hope you can make it out and until then, keep the sky in your head.

all best, Peter