Good Problem to Have!

Friends, saltwater hair, never dry. The surf has been up! Used up arms from paddling, eyes a little dry from the sun. Fake guitar fingernails somewhat tattered from extended H20 immersion.

These are all good problems to have.

It’s a true joy to mix in the ocean with a life of music.

PS on a speed right.

PS on a speed right.

Killer quartet gig at the Merc last week! We gotta get this band in the calendar mix more often.

Jazz at the Merc with Peter, Duncan, Gunnar and Tripp. photo by Steve Grant

Jazz at the Merc with Peter, Duncan, Gunnar and Tripp.
photo by Steve Grant

Some kind words flowed our way after the Dizzy’s Rock Jazz Explorations gig a bit back. John Lawrence is an old pal that used to run the San Diego Jazz Society. Apparently he took in the gig and felt inspired to write about it in the SD Free Press. He gets into some neat angles on this. Check it out…


Coming up for this week, big fun ahead at Thursday’s solo guitar Roxy Restaurant night. I’ve been gone and I’m stoked to return. Look below for the details. See you there I hope!


Happiness is playing solo guitar!

And rounding out the week we’re playing jazzified Christmas music on Sunday night at Spaghettini’s in Seal Beach. The band is led by Scott Wilkie and we’re playing the music from his recent release called Joy. The first show is sold out but there are still tickets available for the 2nd show…


That’s it good people and I hope to see you soon, best, Peter