Golden Silence As An Option!

Greetings Good People, it’s the music news from your trusty wave tracker Pete —specializing in both sonic and ocean waves!

I’ve had the good fortune of breaking up the music moments with channeling the left sliders at Beacons. This just in from late last week:

PS sliding left at the start of the wave…

and a few moments later furthering the glide north…

And the toasty weather and ocean waves are continuing on. Good times in SoCal!

Lots of great music nights last week and for this week I only have one public gig. It’s a good one though and make it out if you can. Free music at a library where silence is golden!

It’s on Wednesday evening at the Mission Hills Library. The details are below. It’ll be Beth on flute and me on the guitar. We’ve got a cool program planned and it’d be neat to see you all!

Beth and Peter at the Encinitas Library.

That’s it for now folks and thanks for tuning in, WaveTrackerPete…