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Holly Hofmann Quartet with Peter Sprague

The Westgate Hotel 1055 Second Avenue, San Diego

Going realtime at the Westgate with: Holly Hofmann - flute Peter Sprague - guitar Justin Grinnell - bass Jim Plank - drums

Peter Sprague Trio at Ki’s

Ki's Restaurant 2591 South Highway 101, Cardiff

Going realtime at Ki’s with: Peter Sprague – guitar Tripp Sprague – flute and sax Mack Leighton – bass

Live(ish) at SpragueLand Episode 24 * Peter Sprague Plays Miles Davis

SpragueLand Studio Encinitas

The sound of Miles Davis’ album Kind of Blue has been in my life from the very beginning. Our Dad Hall had what I consider an excellent taste in music and part of him keeping up the cred on that front was acquiring a large heap of Miles in his […]

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