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Live(ish) at SpragueLand Episode 18: Peter Sprague Plays Alison Krauss

SpragueLand Studio Encinitas

There are many sonic textures one can explore on the guitar and one of my favorites is the Strum Factor 11. Strumming they call it —sheens of tonality glistening in the air, adding both rhythm and tonality at the same time. It’s like Duncan’s ride cymbal teaming up with the […]

Live(ish) From SpragueLand: Episode 16, The Fields, The Sky

SpragueLand Studio Encinitas

For this episode we’re exploring some of my favorite Metheny compositions including “Have You Heard”, “In Her Family”, and “Are You Going With Me” plus we have Rebecca Jade in the loop singing beautiful lyrics (written by Randy Phillips) to some of Pat’s initially instrumental tunes. What a sound, what […]

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