Funky Combo!

Hola Friends of Music,

It’s been a minute and sorry to disappear on you. It turns out that a nagging left shoulder has been requesting some down time and it finally worked out in my schedule to do just that. I’ve been on the down low for live gigs and the good news is that my shoulder is slowly improving. Playing with pain is a funky combo.

I’m rounding the bend on putting out video singles and a streaming album of our Paul Simon music. It’s been a good time doing fixes and mixes and we’ve got one more recording date to add in new versions of 59th Street Bridge and Train in the Distance. I’ll let you know when it’s ready for blast off.

I went up to Portland to help our daughter Kylie do the move to live with us. It was fun and I didn’t injure my body which usually happens. She’s navigating the waters of cyber security.

Looking ahead, Tripp, Fred Benedetti, and I are heading for mainland Mexico for a weeklong surf adventure. Warm water, potentially great waves and I’m certain for some lively conversations and laughs. Big Fun!

Also at the end of the month we’re playing a concert at Park and Market with Camarada. Click the pic for details.

Our favorite Danish vocalist Sinne Eeg is playing a concert at Dizzy’s on October 13 and although I won’t be playing I’m for sure attending to hear some amazing music. She’ll have pianist Josh Nelson and guitarist Larry Koonse accompanying her. Sinne’s music includes jazz standards, Brazilian music, a few folk like songs and some blues. Beautiful song choices for a wonderful night of music. Click the pic for more details.

That’s the story for now and good to be in touch, best, Peter