Fully Realized Intricate Mechanics of the One, Four, Five!


Hi Folks, I just got an email from James Taylor (I’m on his email list) and this led to me checking out some vids posted on his website of the common men, women, and kids singing the chorus to “Shower the People With Love”. He invited everyone to tape themselves singing along and from there, at his live concerts, he projects a montage of all of the singers as a backdrop. It’s brilliant and moving and it brings about an instant smile as they sing “shower the people you love with love, show them the way you feel, things are gonna be much better if you only will…” 

And this leads to now, James’ is on the box singing “Like Everyone She Knows” from his recording New Moon Shine. Beautiful music, setting the sonic environment up for good things…

We had a great calypso gig last week and fully realized the intricate mechanics of the one, four, and five chords. That’s what the world of music is built upon and spice it up with a little Caribbean groove and you’ve got an infectious mix. We’ll do it again down the way!

photo by Rick Sokol, design by Beth Ross Buckley

Up for this week in the live arena, we’re heading to the Handlery Hotel on Friday for a trio hit with Mack on bass and Duncan on drums. Can’t wait — great listening setup, jazz trio ain’t nothin’ finer, and loads of parking. See you there!

signing off, Peter

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  1. Jon Close says:

    Hi Peter….

    Love your music Peter. Really enjoy the expansive, yet so inclusive vibe your playing with…
    Plus, of course, the immense joy your artistic excellence brings through the notes you choose to play, and
    that wonderful ‘musicality in the backstory’ to your lyrical melodies….
    Plus it’s Fun….
    Really nice
    Always Aloha

    • Jon Close, so neat to hear from you. Last time I saw you was in Hanalei. Are you still in Kauai!

      All good over here and thanks for the nice words. YES, music is a hoot and I’m still really into it. Surfing too!

      hang ten good friend, Peter