Frida Dreams!

Greetings Friends!

Today started out cold and the dawn patrol surf session was a chill fest! We just got back from mainland Mexico and the water temperature there was 83 degrees with the air easy and free. What a contrast and I could see my breath this morning. Dipping into the wild blue reminded me of what winter in SoCal is like. Good waves though…

We had a great surf trip and it was me, my brother Tripp, maestro Benedetti, and Fred’s son-in-law Brian along for the adventure. Radical weather, rain and lightning, some sun, loads of wind, fierce waves, great food, nice dogs, a conference of surfers from Orange County, Hawaii, Switzerland, the Bay Area, and the Pacific Northwest. And as we all know, one plus of traveling is that you don’t have to monitor the computer and can instead reinstate the human day dreaming mode. We’ll be back!

Treking to Punta Conejo with (left to right) Tripp, PS, Fred, and Brian.

Early morning walk with PS and Blanca the dog.

Yesterday we rehearsed for an upcoming concert that happens this week celebrating the creative genius of Frida Kahlo. We’re playing songs that were her favorites including “Volver,” “La Llorona,” Duke Ellington’s “In a Sentimental Mood” plus I wrote a new composition for the occasion. It’s called “The Two Frida’s” and it inhabits the soundscape of classical folk and Latin jazz — a blendo that she might of liked.

We’re digging the sounds and vibe and hope you can join us for an evening of Frida Dreams. Look below for the details…

That’s it folks and thanks for tuning in, best, Peter