Flying the Friendly Skies of Jazz Exploration!


A month back, the world debut of “Insist On It” at the Handlery Hotel gig— the tune had such a riveting effect (kind of kidding) that the author’s (lyricist Randy Phillips and myself) felt impelled to give the little ditty some lyrics. We had Leonard in mind to sing it and so it plays out that this Friday’s hit at Ki’s Restaurant, (with Tripp on sax, Leonard singing, and me on the guitar), will not only be a potentially cool gig, it’ll also be the world debut of the lyricized “Insist On It”. The event is fraught with danger in that there are a ton of words crammed into a little 12 bar blues riff — can he fit them all  in? Will you even be able to decifer what he’s saying? Will it be funny like we think it is? Are the intervals too big? Is it in the right key? Is it a low B grade tune to start off with? 

You see what I mean? It’s a dangerous sport this jazz composing endevor.

Come see and hear for yourself this Friday night at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff when me and the gang jump off the platform without a net and fly the friendly skies of jazz exploration.  

party on, Peter