Drive 50 Miles For Warm Hands!

Hey Folks!

I blasted up and back to Seattle and by the time I got back, spring has taken over —at least for today. Our sycamore tree has been leafless for a month or so and today some new little mini’s appeared. Stef said our yard even looks like we have a lawn. Our theory is to just let what grows without water do it’s thing. (Kind of like my angle with how I keep my hair on my head). So as you can imagine, through the summer the yard is scorched brown.

Gotta love Cali and all the different subtle micro climate zones that exist.

New green on the sycamore tree.

I went to Seattle to play 2 hits with supreme vocalist Sinne Eeg. In the afternoon we played a live radio show and then that night we played at Jazz Alley. Wow, what a jazz venue! One of the best I think and mix that in with Sinne’s music, well, it was pretty off the charts! 

Hey, she’s coming down to SD next week and we’ll play a concert at Dizzy’s on Friday night 2/3. Mark it down if this sounds interesting.

Sinne and Peter.

Up for this week, up for today in 3 hours, (sorry for the late notice), it’ll be me and the gang playing at the RB Library. Great sound, killer vibe, free entrance fee, and the music should take flight too. It’s Lisa singing, Trippster on sax, Gunnar the bass man, Duncan on drums, and me on the beloved double neck. See ya soon!

Lisa Hightower

Next up, Friday night at The Athenaeum in La Jolla — an evening of my music with the Camarada group. We’re playing my rather new Sanctuary Suite along with some other gems. It’s Beth on flute, Fred Benedetti on guitar, Gunnar once again bassing it, Duncan keeping the groove, and me too on guitar. We rehearsed into the semi late evening last night at SpragueLand and the word on the street is — fully worthy music. Fun for us to make, pretty sure it’ll be fun to hear!

Cama rehearsal at SpragueLand with PS, Fred, Beth, Gunnar, and Duncan.

Hey, Leonard and I will be at the Julian Library next Tuesday night. I’ve already packed my gloves and parka and the funny thing is, the library in the mountains will be warmer than our house down here on the coast. Drive 50 miles to have warm hands to play the guitar! Join in for some sonic and theometric warmth!

stay well, Peter