Don’t Trust that Computer!

Good People! How fun is this! Ocean, late sunsets, warm evenings, music in the streets, people wearing shorts, buskers playing without being cold, barefoot adventures, and it keeps going and going all the way to mid October. Count me in!


I’ve been working on a new solo guitar recording and with my work in the studio and also in the office keeping track of it all, I hang with computers a lot. And if you’re hanging with computers and doing audio recording and video you’re by default lugging around TONS of data. Hard drives are your middle name. And if you know hard drives, you know they’re built to break. Eventually.

And so, I was talking to this cool tech guy the other day and he was helping me fix my semi-malfunctioning database that had somehow become corrupted. Yes, I have it backed up so mayhem and stress weren’t part of the equation. After he successfully twirled the code a bit he offered up this killer Zen angle on it all:

The only way to work with computers is not to trust them.

I never heard it spoke so black and white like that but I like it! Wild child silicon array units spurring up creativity and havoc in equal non judgmental doses. Jump in and let ‘em take you away…

Shrine Of Apple: Macintosh Plus

For this week, on Wednesday night vocalist Lizzi Trumbore comes back into town and both Leonard and I are in the loop with her for a special house concert in Carlsbad. The venue is ultra cool and it’s the home of Bridget (the violinist with my string consort group) and her husband Sean. It’s on a ranch and it’ll be a fun night of music. Follow this link for details.

Lizzi Trumbore

Lizzi Trumbore

I’m off early the next morning for an east coast run with Dianne Reeves and the band. We’re playing in Rockport, Maine and West Hampton Beach, NY. Let me know if you’re out there and we can say hi and listen to the music!

Dianne Reeves in London with yours truly digging the ride.

Dianne Reeves in London with yours truly digging the ride.

That’s it and remember, never trust a computer but consider trusting a jazz musician….best, P