Doing the Laundry!

Solid Folks!

We’re just back from a great trip to Madison, Wisconsin for the Jazz at Five Festival. It was Leonard, Tripp, and I and we took in the town and had two concerts. Loads of folks came out and it was neat to meet the natives who LOVE their town. I can see why!

A wide view of the good folks of Madison who came out to hear the music.

I took my single neck guitar to Madison and it sounded great. Wish I had the twin neck though but the airlines razz me and take all my money when I fly with that guitar.

Leonard and Tripp sharing the sound waves.

And then fly home and slide into the Carlsbad Music Festival!

Enjoying the music ride in Carlsbad.
photo by James Kaspar

We love to travel for music but it’s also transcendental playing for a few friends a few blocks from home. 

Basic rocks true!
After enlightenment, the laundry!
Tune ‘em up and launch!

If we had the volume turned up you’d notice that she’s playing ‘Trane’s solo to “Giant Steps” on that washboard!

For this week on Friday night it’s the Return of the Sprague Brothers! With Tripp on sax and flute and me on guitar we’re planning on a fun night of music at Ki’s in Cardiff. Tripp’s daughter Kate will join in for a few tunes and it promises to be an evening of good sounds and good vibes. Come on out if you can!

The Sprague Brothers back in the day, when water time slightly overshadowed music time. Tripp on the left and Peter on the right.

We’re all sharpened up for a Saturday night show in Los Angeles at a new venue for us called Au Lac Restaurant. It’ll be me, Rebecca, Tripp, Gunnar, and Duncan exploring the Planet Cole Porter music. We’ve never played there but we’re told it’s a great environment for music with good listening and good food. I know it’s a mega drive for our San Diego friends but this note is also going out to our LA fans too and hoping a few of you can check out our trip. Should be good!

Planet Cole Porter with (left to right) Gunnar Biggs, Tripp Sprague, Rebecca Jade, Peter, and Duncan Moore.

There it is, good vibes from SpragueLand…

best, Peter