Destined For Hurricane Slop

H ola Friends!

It looks like no matter how we plan our surf vacations we are destined to specialize in surfing hurricane slop. The last time around, about a year ago, Fred, Tripp, and I went to mainland Mexico to experience the endless summer. You plan way ahead for these trips and it’s up to mother nature to either deliver or dismiss. We arrived to torrential rain, thunder and a wind blown ocean. We still had fun hanging out because friends are paramount in these situations.

Roll ahead to now, the three of us are leaving tomorrow morning for a Cabo San Lucas surf trip and the report says that Hurricane Lidia is hovering in the vicinity and stirring up rain, wind, and enormous swell factor. Urrgghhh! We’re still committed to make the most out of it and I know at least we’ll have some laughs.

Part of the idea of the timing of this surf trip is it’s situated right around both Fred and my birthdays. Why not celebrate the marching on in years barreled in a Baja beauty. Hah!

Speaking of birthdays, Open Studio (the company that has my online guitar instruction courses) is running a special this week and the courses are 1/2 off. If you’ve been thinking about taking some private lessons with me (even though I’m not teaching anymore) these are the next best thing. Check it out:

If you’re missing our livestreams from SpragueLand maybe this new vid will fit the bill. It’s our cool version of “Getting Better” by The Beatles. And be sure to check out Duncan’s clever intro.

Our Baja surf trip mantra: It’s getting better all the time, it can’t get no worse….adios, Peter