Day Trippin’!

Hi Friends!

Today we start with a little family backstory. My dad had a strange first name — Hall. Plus his middle name was Tripp, not really normal either. When my brother was born he became Hall Tripp Sprague, Jr. That’s a mouthful and carries with it potential confusion — two Hall’s in the house.

So he became Tripp.

Our long time friend Rob Schneiderman lovingly addresses him as “junior.” I like that.

My middle name is Tripp. My sister Terry’s son is Riley Tripp Fleck.

This week we’re Day Trippin’!

We’ve got the musos from the award winning (best jazz album 2018) Planet Cole Porter recording in the house and we’re taking over Dizzy’s in San Diego on Sunday night. It’s Rebecca Jade on vocals, Tripp on sax, Gunnar on bass, Duncan on drums, and me on guitar. We’ll play the Cole Porter selections that traverse in new directions mixed up with a few Liverpulian classics and a Blood, Sweat, and Tears gem from the 70’s.

Did you hear us play Day Tripper at the 2017 Christmas Concert in Del Mar? 

It’s funky!

And we’re bringing it back on Sunday night…

Planet Cole Porter in Temecula a little while back with PS, Tripp, Duncan, Rebecca, and Gunnar.
photo by James Kaspar

We’re hoping you can join us for the gig. The setup at Dizzy’s is supreme with full on listening, ample parking, and drinks and refreshments too.

Thanks to Bart Mendoza for helping spread the word about this show:

“It took me so long to find out, and I found out…”

‘slater, P