Dancing Gravity Notes of One and Zero!


Greetings Good People of Music!

I’m hoping all goes well with you.

It’s good over here with the ongoing BLENDO of the refinement of the guitar, recording, surfing, salad sculpting, Ruby the dog walking, live streaming, and keeping in touch with you.

This just in from a clever fan who has a way with words that resonates:

“And to the tech gods and goddesses who turn all those gravity-dancing notes into 1’s and 0’s so we can enjoy them!”

We’re fully into sharing those 1’s and 0’s with you and that’s what’s up for this week’s gig email.

From last week’s Tribute Rebel Live(ish) at SpragueLand I took the performance of “Fireplace” featuring Allison Adams Tucker’s beautiful singing and made a YouTube single video mix.

It’s pretty and it’s here!

Also making it’s debut into the questionable world of the business of music, our new album “River” is launching today!

These are performances culled from our recent Holiday livestream. Here’s the song list:

1) Free Man in Paris
music by Joni Mitchell
featuring Pam Pendrell

 2) The Lucky One
music by Robert Lee Castleman
featuring Pam Pendrell
3) Close to the Good Things
music by Peter Sprague and Kylie Sprague
featuring Kate Sprague
4) River
music by Joni Mitchell
featuring Pam Pendrell

5) Ocean  
 music by Peter Sprague

6) You Can Call Me Al
music by Paul Simon
featuring Lisa Hightower  

7) Copenhagen Mist 
 music by Peter Sprague and Randy Phillips
featuring Sinne Eeg

You can find the music in these places:

Peter Sprague Music Store
Apple Music

So that’s the word for now and thanks for following along, hanging ten, Peter