Currently Attempting Current!

Heya Friends, Metheny’s on an iTune loop-fest today and his sounds are keeping me company as I plow through YEARS of FaceBook messages and friend adds. Heaven’s, I let that one go and for some reason decided today was the day to attempt to get current. I’m evened up and still, just in case you’re wanting to get a note to me and have me actually receive it, first try:

Email never looked so good!

All the biz is aside, I’m getting ready to make my way to my guitar to sharpen my skills as we’re concertizing tonight at the Blue Whale in L.A.. It’ll be Geoffrey Keezer on piano, Gillian Margot on vocals and me on guitar. We rehearsed yesterday and it’s sounding good. Maybe see you there!


The last gig of the week happens on Sunday and I’m thrilled to play at the Solterra Winery in Leucadia, right down the road from my house. Leonard and I will share our duo angle and we had a great time a month back when we did this gig. The sound was fantastic, the vibe — spectacular, the location — ideal, the food — pure magic in the mouth, and the overall take down was “lets develop this into an ongoing happening.” We’d love to have you in the loop with us for a night of music that jumps around jazz, samba, The Beatles, Hendrix, Americana, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley. We frequently start one song, make up some new sonic material, create some loops and then attempt a safe landing in another aural vista. Freedom is one of the perks of being just a duo. Listen up!


Leonard and Peter at a recent L.A. house concert gig.

Leonard and Peter at a recent L.A. house concert gig.

That’s it friends and thanks for reading along, Peter