Crooning on a Carrot Clarinet!

Good Day to you Folks, this was fun to watch:

CarrotClarinet_500He’s got skills with the electric drill. Also knows his produce and the pentatonic scale. Who knew the carrot could resonate like that. This teaches you to never downplay the versatility of vegetables.

Up for this week, one gig only and it’s special because Kevyn and I haven’t played together for a while. It’ll be the two of us at The Roxy on Saturday night. We’ve got Stevie tunes cued up along with Fats Waller, Lennon and McCartney, Sprague and Lettau, and Jimi Hendrix. It’ll be fun and break away if you can.

Peter and Kevyn photo by Michael Oletta

Peter and Kevyn
photo by Michael Oletta

That’s the news for today and thanks for tuning in.

all best, Peter