Coltrane’s Calculus


Just back from a mini surf session with an amazing sunset. The water is still warm and there’s a bunch of good reasons to feel good. Stan Getz is filling the air, Astrud is singing, and now I’m talking to you.

Last week I took in the music and warm vibe of Raul Midon syncing up bongo hands, guitar playing, and vocals all at the same time. What a creative fellow and what an honor to be in his sphere…

Hanging at MOMM with the incredible Raul Midon.

Later in the week Leonard and I met up and had a great show at the First United Methodist Church of Chula Vista. After all of these years playing music together, hanging with him is still one of my favorite ways to share the sound. Freedom, creativity, and a touch of humor is the magic blend.

I’ve got some funny chord going on and Leonard’s trying to memorize the fingering.
Photo by Steve Wood

First up for this week, on Thursday night we’re playing a concert at Dizzy’s featuring Rob Schneiderman on piano, Tripp on sax and flute, Mack on bass, Duncan on drums, and me on guitar. We’re calling it a Math Jam and this is to honor Rob, who grew up in Del Mar but later moved to NYC and morphed deeply into math. Now he’s a college professor and balances teaching with playing bebop. I figure he’s a master of Coltrane’s Calculus.

Here’s the blip for the concert:

Pianist and math guru Rob Schneiderman zips in from NYC to share the gospel of sound and numbers with his musician comrades who, in a crunch, can also tackle a theorem or two. 

That’s right, we’ll be crunching numbers and wicked chord changes all at the same time and hope you can join us for a wonderful night of music.

Rob Schniderman on piano.

Next up, on Friday night we’re playing a trio hit at the super cool La Jolla Community Center. This place has great acoustics and they do a food and concert blendo that folks really dig. It’ll be Tripp on sax and flute, Justin Grinnell on bass, and me on guitar. I wrote a new tune the other day and we’ll give it a maiden voyage launch along with some other cool selections. Hope to see you there!

The first page of the new tune.

On Saturday I’m going nonstop! First an afternoon Mission Hills Library concert with Beth Ross Buckley on flute and then that night I’ll be with singer/songwriter Deborah Liv Johnson at the SD Folk Heritage Society concert series in Carlsbad. Both of these gals play beautiful music and I’m stoked to be in the loop with them. Check below for details…

Peter and Deborah Liv Johnson.

Last up, on Sunday the great Gene Bertoncini is playing a solo show at Dizzy’s and I’m going just to be in the audience and take in his beautiful guitar playing. He’s long been one of my favorites and this is a rare chance to hear him live. If you want to go here’s a link to the details. Maybe we’ll see you there.

Gene Bertoncini

There it is, a week filled with music. Just the way I like it….stay well, Peter