Christmas Eve Concert 2018

Hi Beautiful People!

I’m just now looking at the weather forecast for Monday and I’m thrilled — 70 degrees and sunny! Perfecto for our annual FREE Christmas eve concert in Del Mar.   

It’s a long lasting tradition of ours to present this show which is a mix of great music, super cool friends, family, and new acquaintances. Together we rally in the lofty life of California Christmas with no snow but tons of good vibes.

Here’s the lineup for the concert:
Peter Sprague
Fred Benedetti
Duncan Moore
Gunnar Biggs
Danny Green
Peter Sprague
Leonard Patton
Rebecca Jade
Allison Adams Tucker
Lizzi Trumbore
Nina Francis
Tripp Sprague
Beth Ross Buckley
Bridget Dolkas
Johnny Minchin
Flora Pethick
Kate Sprague
The Benedetti’s
David Spitzfaden
John Leftwich

For some history on the event, click here to read a story by Nancy Fisher about the early days when we first played our Christmas concert. This article is from last year’s Del Mar Sandpiper Newspaper.

You can bring the whole gang, bring the relatives, meet strangers that are friendly and meet musicians that are strange. This is how we do Christmas in Cali! See you there!

That’s a lot of people and if you look by the base of the tree you’ll see us.

The last few Christmas’ have been scorching hot. That’s me trying to keep the sun off of my face. This year I might be bundling up instead.

Kate Sprague playing the guitar and singing.
photo by Kevin Kinnear

Gunnar on the stick bass.
photo by Kevin Kinnear

Fred Benedetti going from classical guitar to the Strat!
photo by Kevin Kinnear

Tripp, Leonard, and Fred jammin’ the yultied!

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  1. Larry DeWester says:

    We have traveled from Minnesota to, for once, be able to attend your Christmas Eve concert. We have watched many previous concerts and gigs online and have attended a lot of your gigs live during our previous fifteen visits to San Diego (including four in 12 days during our early December visit last year).

    If possible, would you please perform Suite Judy Blue Eyes with the Benedettis as this is my wife Leanne’s absolute favorite “love song”. We listen to one of a couple of your earlier renditions literally almost weekly. As this year was both our 50th wedding anniversary and Leanne’s struggle through cancer surgery and chemotherapy (she’s recovering well) I know it would be extremely special for her to see & hear you perform the tune live.

    Regardless, I am sure we are bound to enjoy a great concert.

    Look forward to seeing you in a couple days, Larry DeWester

    • Hey Larry, thanks for tuning and it’s going to be a fun concert. We too absolutely LOVE Suite Judy Blue Eyes but we’ve done it a lot and we’re making way for some other cool tunes. We’ve got a hilarious ’80’s hit tune to close and it’s going to light things on fire. Can’t wait and we’ll see you there!

      all best, Peter

      PS, come and say hi afterwards and so good to hear about Leanne’s recovery. Hallelujah!