Can I Get This Done in Fifteen Minutes?


Friends of Music, friends of sound!

A little wheel time coming up.

Planet Cole Porter ventures to Rancho Mirage. Hoping that the eventual rock influenced guitar solo on “Just One of Those Things” gets understood by those hard core Cole fans. Flipside, oldsters storm the stage and confiscate the foot pedals, band resorts to “Lets Do It” to even things out.

This all goes down tomorrow night at the Rancho Mirage Library. Come and join if you’re in the vicinity.

PCP with PS, Gunnar, Tripp, Rebecca, and Duncan.
photo by James Casper

Next it’s Friday afternoon solo guitar dreaming at Flower Hill Promenade in Del Mar. 

And then it’s wheel time version 2 as Saturday finds Leonard, Tripp, and I joining the rank and file of Freeway 5 north. Our destination, the The Eclectic Music Festival in South Pasadena. First time for us and we’re told it’s a cool outdoor music festival. Again, please join in if you’re in the area or maybe you love driving 3 hours north and then battling for a parking space, absorb some music, and then that soothing recoil 2.5 hour drive home. Hah!

Shapeshifting with Tripp, Leonard and Peter.
photo by Steve Grant

Fifteen minutes and complete! Thanks for the read, best, Peter

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  1. paulo lage says:

    Peter,boa noite!!..,estou aprendendo muito com sua sensibilidade de tocar, pois toca com a alma e assim tudo fica mais esclarecido.,gostaria muito de obter suas partituras desses trabalhos que
    faz.,obrigado fique na paz!