Cali Summer Jazz Moment!


Hola Fine Folks!

Last eve, after our Ruby walk/play catch with the ball episode Stef and I traveled down the YouTube rabbit hole following the idea of altering the XML files for the ATEM Mini Extreme. Romantic — yes! Braincell building — most certainly! The purported notion that it’ll help put you asleep — it worked! Woke up super early today and hit the surf, feeling a little sharper than usual.

All in the name of upping the production level of the upcoming Live(ish) episodes.

And until those arrive, I’ve been relearning some of the classic tunes that Leonard and I have been scooting on over the years. Big fun and all in the name of prepping for this Friday night’s hit at Ki’s in Cardiff. We’ve got Mack on bass along with Leonard and me and we’ll be outside with the ocean as our side drop.

Cali summer jazz moment #6895 ref. D-12. Hopefully see you there!

all best, Peter