Blue Kind of Miles


Hi Everybody!

We’re gearing up for the Holiday shows next week and that involves all of the musos practicing their parts, Steve fine tuning the tech, Digital Brian putting out his detailed observations on how snowflakes behave, and finally Stef gathering all of her ideas on how each room ought to look for the show. We’re having two rehearsals to go over the songs and I’m thinking it’s going to be some cool music. Hope you can join in!

The news for this week is the album release of:

About a month back we played a Live(ish) From SpragueLand show highlighting the music of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue recording. I thought the show went well and so I extracted the six songs, made a few fixes, remixed them, came up with a cover and today I’m letting  them loose to the wind to eventually find their way into the big bad world of the music business. Good luck little songlets!

If you want to hear what we’re talking about here are a bunch of choices of how you can let this music invade your world:

Album at the Peter Sprague Online Store 
Album at Apple Music 
Album at Spotify

Single YouTube Vids of each of the songs extracted from the livestream concert:

So What
Blue In Green 
Freddie Freeloader 
Human Nature
All Blues 
Flamenco Sketches

The whole YouTube Episode 24 livestream concert.

And finally, if you feel like playing some of the arrangements on your musical instrument go here to download PDF sheet music.

Isn’t this a fantastic time to be alive to absorb music and video in so many ways?

That’s the story for this week and thanks for following along. Hopefully we’ll see you in the great algorithm of the sky or maybe even in person around town.

all the very best, Peter