Blessings to the Cloudless Sky!


Hiya Good Folks of Sound!

It’s a sunny day and we just got solar installed. What a simple joy seeing that arrow on the meter run TOWARDS the grid rather than pulling from it. 

Let the sun shine in!

Current news, our Blue Kind of Miles album release is nominated for Best Jazz Album in this year’s San Diego Music Awards. Super honor and if you want to vote and add your 2 cents go here.

We appreciate it…

We’re playing Jobim music and more on this coming Saturday night at the 14th Annual Brasil Jazz Festa at Dizzy’s in San Diego. It’s a live music event! The project is spearheaded by the wonderful vocalist Allison Adams Tucker and the band includes some of San Diego’s best including Danny Green, Tripp Sprague, Mack Leighton, Julien Canthelm, Allison, and me. It’ll be 2 sets of magic Brazilian harmony, rhythm, and poetry pulled together by musos that are moved by the samba. Hope to see you there and the details are below. 

Finally, coming around the bend in the middle of next week is our Watercolors Pat Metheny Live(ish) From SpragueLand stream where we’ll explore some classic early compositions by the savant of guitar innovation. Tune in, strum away, and turn on!

That’s the word for now and blessings to the cloudless sky, best, Peter