Blendo of Oldsters and the Young Ones!

Illuminated Folks Unite!

Happy everything to you and I’m digging the full on cozy indoor vibe that the outside rain and chill bring to the equation. Feels like winter now!

We’re hanging with family and the blendo of oldsters and the young ones together, sharing tales of college and the new frontier (youngsters) and financial loop holes and sore hips (oldsters) is a beautiful thing. We’ve all got a lot to learn from each other.

Cool family blendo photo from yesterday’s thankful food expedition.
photo by Stefanie

It’s also potentially a great day to free up your cash reserves that might be currently bogging you down. You know the drill, piles of 100 dollar bills start to weigh a lot — will that cement foundation below your feet be able to withstand the weight?

The Black Friday money machine button has been turned on!

Les we musos bound together under the camaraderie of OPEN STUDIO be left out of the fun, ta dah, there is a fantastic deal in play as we speak. If you’ve been sitting on the fence, waiting for it all to become affordable, how does the idea of 50% off  sound?

Just to illuminate a little — OPEN STUDIO is the company that my Jazz Guitar Foundations and Great Guitar Covers instructional video series live at. Other artists at OPEN STUDIO include Dianne Reeves, Christian McBride, Peter Martin, Gregory Hutchinson, and many others. 

Right now there are HUGE Black Friday savings going on over at Open Studio, including my two courses and my friends’ courses. 50% off of EVERYTHING!

Check them out HERE! 

On a more tame note, I’m playing some gigs next week starting off with a concert on Wednesday evening at the Oceanside Museum of Art. It’ll be me along with Leonard on vocals and Tripp playing sax and flute. Great times in North County!

Shapeshifting with Tripp, Leonard and Peter.
photo by Steve Grant

On Thursday evening I’m zipping to Carlsbad to join vocalist Allison Adams Tucker for a night of duo music, just her and I. We’ll play some samba, some holiday music, jazz, and a few originals. It all takes place at the Carlsbad Library Learning Center and it’s a free show….see ya there!

Allison and I setting up a duet piece at Vitello’s in LA a few years ago. There’s a lot of stage between us and that’s because the band left it to us for a couple of tunes.

On Friday I’ll board an airplane pointed towards the East Coast to join the Dianne Reeves band for a concert in Philly and also one in New Jersey. I’m looking forward to hearing that sound of absolute magic in Dianne’s voice! If you’re in the area come and say hi!

Taking a bow in NYC!
Left to right, Terryon Gulley, Reginal Veal, Dianne Reeves, Peter, Peter Martin.
photo by Nadja von Massow

That’s the story for today and it’s good to be together in the printed word. Have fun and see you on the next loop, best, Peter