Bitter With the Sweet!

Greetings Folks with Tuned in Ears!

It’s a good life over here and I’ve been practicing Coltrane music in the middle of a blooming springtime garden of yellow and orange. It’s magic in every direction and you got to dig it while it’s here — come early July it’ll be a dustbowl.

Flowing —transition and Coltrane’s hip to the drill…

This week our video version of Carole King’s “Bitter With the Sweet” makes it’s way to YouTube. As I was planning and arranging the songs for the livestream I needed another up tempo song of hers to fill out the setlist. Into the realms of Spotify I ventured and after a bit I found the right song. It’s a piece that I’d never heard before and maybe it wasn’t a big hit but it has all the right stuff — suspended chords galore plus a fancy melody after the solo section. And lyrics that speak to the Facebook syndrome long before Facebook was even invented:

I guess it gets to everyone
You think you’re not having any fun
And you wonder what you’re doing
Playing the games you play
Hey, well, it’s true what they say
If you wanna feel complete
Don’t you know that
You’ve got to take the bitter with the sweet

Carole King — 1972

Check it out:

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thanks and see you soon, Peter